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2014 New resolutions

One resolution is the post more to my blog. I’m the worst blogger around!! being a photographer means doing so much more than taking photos… one of them is self-promotion and learning how to share what you are doing with the World which includes blogging!

One of my dear friends is having a baby any day now and I took some photos of her at the Jardins Botanique. Here is just a sneak peek of the session I am working on today.


Back from Maine

I had a crazy August filled with so many sessions and two weddings, and two weeks without daycare. I was starting to really burn out. It was insane. And then we went away on vacation to Maine. Our first real family vacation since Lucas was born if you do not count the trips to Nashville, which were mostly business trips for my husband with us tagging along.  We went with another family of good friends who have a toddler Lucas’ age. That helped a lot. The highlight of this trip was watching the two boys play together every day! We were also very spoiled because the family we traveled with are foodies who are great cooks. I have to admit that I am a little embarrassed by my lack of amazing cooking skills… but it just means I have to learn how to cook better so I can one day take over in the kitchen and impress people with my culinary skills. It’s on my bucket list: learn how to blow someone else’s socks off with my cooking.

It took me a few days to unwind since I had what I can easily call one of the craziest Augusts on record. Once I started to relax… POOF, it was over. And now I am back in Montreal and ready to face the Fall rush towards Christmas. It will take me a few days to really get back into the swing of things as I have a number of sessions that need editing and lots of emailing but I feel almost fully rested (one can never be overly rested with a two year old) and happy to start the Fall!

Just a few photos from my quick glance at my photos from our trip. I did an experiment this trip. I used a light inexpensive 40mm pancake lens on my 5D mark III instead of a professional lens – so that I could carry the camera almost anywhere without it breaking my back (considering I was on vacation). I can already see how different it is from my usual 35mm L that I normally take with me for my everyday life. But I think it did the job. These are personal photos for myself.

It was a cool end to the summer, lots of hoodies and pants and clouds and mist and fog. But it was awfully beautiful and breathtaking. The cove in the photo below was our view every single day with crazy tides every 6 hours. It’s refreshing to be by the ocean and see the sea every single day.

If only it didn’t have to end so soon!


Family of six!

What happens when I do a session with four young boys? Magic happens… these boys were seriously the best behaved foursome I’ve ever encountered. Not that I’ve done many families with 4 boys (have I?) but honestly, they were so good. I want to know their secret! How do you raise four boys who are bright and funny and who listen and who have the best smiles ever? Now if only I can figure that out for my ONE kid. How do people do it, have many kids? I ask myself that question whenever we talk about having a second. We’re still on this idea that Lucas will be an only child. And I am happy with my one and only.

I present to you some of the natural light lifestyle portraits from our back alley session. I apologize for the overload but there were so many beautiful photos of this gorgeous family! And I have to confess that family group shots of so many kids like this are virtually impossible… to get everyone looking at the camera and looking great. So this family rocked this session big time!


Anda - Gorgeous photos, Vivian! Beautiful work as always…

Marie-Eve - Magnifique et tellement vivant comme toujours!

Bess Callard - Wow, 4 boys and such beautiful photos!! I constantly wrestle with whether or not to have a second baby—it’s my current dilemma ;) Lovely work!

Un nouveau né et sa grande soeur

Voici quelques photos d’une séance récente avec une belle famille avec leur nouvelle petite Romy et sa grande soeur Nahla. Ils sont maintenant 4! J’ai bien aimé notre séance matinale… avec deux belles petites filles sages.



Emilie - Oh so sweet!!

Alain - Bravo,

Ces photos sont vraiment superbes. Il se dégage une douceur et une beauté de cette séance photo. Vraiment bravo!

Vivian Doan - Merci beaucoup Alain!

Tiffany - so special and beautiful, Vivian! Gorgeous shots!

Esther - Beautiful session! And what a great way to make a big sister feel special!