New Portfolio Website! – Montreal Photographer

I’m so happy to announce that my new portfolio site is up – you can click on Portfolio in the menu above or click here. Lots of new photos and more to come… weddings and more family photos, this is just the beginning of the new rebranding of Vivian Doan Photography. More menu items on the site will appear as I complete the site in the next few days. I am still looking for an English to French Translator for many of my pages.

I know that there are so many fancy types of websites for photographers with lots of flash thrills, bells and whistles but I wanted the focus to be on the photographs themselves, which is why there is no background image and no frills. It reflects in a way what my photos are all about, simplicity.

If you enjoy the music on my site, it is a song called “Butterfly” composed by my husband Matt Lipscombe (music and lyrics) with vocal arrangements by Anne-Laure Mathieu. That beautiful voice you hear is Annik Amahete Michel, with Matt singing backup.

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