Personal: Cabane!

We took Lucas to his second Cabane a Sucre experience this weekend. We decided to go for a less rustic experience… I was trying to appeal to the train lover in Lucas. There is a little train at Chalet des Erables just North of Laval. They also had rides galore. The entrance fee only includes the meal, all rides and activities require little coupons that can be purchased at the general store for $2 a pop. It was very commercial but had great family appeal, Lucas couldn’t stop taking about the train and the cowboy – we actually had to put our hands up as the cowboy held up the train. Luckily the sherif burst out of the saloon to save the day.

The toffee is also included in the entrance fee and was delicious! The trick is not to take too much on your stick at a time, otherwise you get these strings of toffee everywhere! My little guy loved it. “More! More! More!” He wasn’t terribly happy at the actual meal time and decided he wasn’t eating anything. But my fussy eater did change his mind and had a few bites eventually. I didn’t take photos of the food… to be honest it didn’t inspire me that much.

If you are looking for a day of family fun, this is your place. If you are looking for an exquisite rustic culinary experience, perhaps this would not be the place. Surprisingly, aside from the train, Lucas’ favourite thing was the free-standing “FREE” caboose. No coupons necessary!

I don’t regret taking him to this very commercial spot. He keeps asking me every night to tell him the story about the cowboy and the train. That in itself is so precious.



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