Sutton magic

Is it possible to top this session? It happened a while back but since I am very extremely behind in blogging, I could not miss posting this big family session. We booked an entire afternoon and I drove up with my husband and son, who are not in these photos, and spent some quality time taking photos of this very interesting, very zany family. They have a lovely property in Sutton and it ended at magic hour, with the sun low and the photos dreamy! The photos are real, sometimes kids are not always paying attention but I actually love that about the photos. It’s real life. Do young children really spend all their time smiling at us? No! They are who they are!

Also, just a tip, the beauty of magic hour, when the sun is low and the light is amazing doesn’t always work with the timelines of toddlers and young children. So that being said, sometimes it is a toss up as to when to do the session. Do you go for the magic light? Or shoot earlier in the day with kids who are not so tired and hungry? We chose the first option and I am very happy with the results even if the kids were a little wild! I love the wildness in kids anyhow…



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