Gorgeous Nutritionist

I had the chance to photograph Leanne Vogel, holistic nutritionist extraordinaire who runs the website www.healthfulpursuit.com. We did some new shots for her new website that is coming very soon.

I have to admit that it was such a great session and I think that part of the reason, other than the fact that we jived together so well, if that we were well prepared for the shoot. We did a lot of preparation on both ends to figure out wardrobe and locations. I scouted a number of key spots in our fair city based on what Leanne was looking for. We chose the train yard in the Mile End, charming Rue Berri between Rachel and Duluth, the Gay Village and Beaubien park. We also decided to do the shoot late in the afternoon, so that we could get magic hour for the yoga shot in Beaubien Park.

Leanne just got married this spring and I wish I could have photographed her wedding too but she moved away earlier this year to Alberta. Good luck Leanne, thanks for being such a lovely model!


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