Shiva Space Machine 5 star review

I know this is supposed to be a blog about photography but I just cannot help myself, T’CHA DUNLEVY of the Montreal Gazette wrote about my husband’s latest album released with his old band Me Mom & Morgentaler and gives it a 5/5 in today’s paper!!! I’m so proud of them 🙂

Shiva Space Machine – Gone Fission (Expanded Edition)
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This re-released 15-year-old album by Montreal’s groundbreaking, multi-culti, style-mashing party collective hasn’t lost a fraction of its punch. These criminally catchy tunes capture an era when the coolest band in town was nine members strong, merging ska, pop, rock and punk with gusto, bravado and the unbridled conviction of youth on a renegade mission. Never mind that they were functioning outside anything resembling our current thriving indie music scene. They were the best live band for miles around, with songs – Your Friend, Oh Well, Heloise, Everybody’s Got AIDS, and so on – that made you sing along, with giddy abandon. Rating 5

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