LinkedIn portrait

There’s nothing more powerful than a professional portrait for your LinkedIn profile. People are more likely to click on a LinkedIn profile if the portrait looks professional. According to ““:

Post a professional photo. It’s very important to use a professional picture in your LinkedIn profile. First impressions are very important and people will judge you within a few seconds when they see your LinkedIn profile. Save your casual pictures for Facebook and Twitter.

I had the pleasure of taking professional commercial-use portraits of a Project Director, working in the field of Sustainable Development, who uses LinkedIn as a tool to network and make connections. We had an amazing time together and I love the image she chose for her LinkedIn profile. You can see the impact a professional portrait can make when you compare the Before and After screen captures of her LinkedIn profile. Not only is my client using this image for her LinkedIn page but she will also using it as her go-to image for international meeting brochures and anything else requiring a profile image.

The before and after screen-captures of her LinkedIn profile:



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