Family of six!

What happens when I do a session with four young boys? Magic happens… these boys were seriously the best behaved foursome I’ve ever encountered. Not that I’ve done many families with 4 boys (have I?) but honestly, they were so good. I want to know their secret! How do you raise four boys who are bright and funny and who listen and who have the best smiles ever? Now if only I can figure that out for my ONE kid. How do people do it, have many kids? I ask myself that question whenever we talk about having a second. We’re still on this idea that Lucas will be an only child. And I am happy with my one and only.

I present to you some of the natural light lifestyle portraits from our back alley session. I apologize for the overload but there were so many beautiful photos of this gorgeous family! And I have to confess that family group shots of so many kids like this are virtually impossible… to get everyone looking at the camera and looking great. So this family rocked this session big time!

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