My son turns two today

Today is the day my son turns 2! It also marks the 2 year anniversary of my becoming a mother. I have to admit that this journey has not been easy… from conception to now. Running a small business and raising a small child are two very huge immense tasks and to do them simultaneously is even more crazy! But the reality is that both my baby and my business are doing well so I must be doing something right!

Happy birthday to my little beautiful man who thinks his name is “Tutas” instead of Lucas, who eats “monkey balls” for breakfast (Nature’s Path corn puffs with the gorilla on the box) and drinks lots of “otter” (water), who can hear “enin tups” (fire engines trucks) and “dabad tups” (garbage trucks) before we do, who loves his little Mimi (his stuffed  bunny), who tells daddy his “tashi” (coffee) is ready, who is obsessed with ‘Tactors” (tractors) to the point where he whispers the word in his sleep but who is deathly afraid of riding on them “back door back door” (he cries to get off the tractor), who loves to play his “tar” (guitar) with his daddy, who loves to sing “tinkle tinkle” little star, whose first sentence was “I want a boobie please!” and who waves goodbye to me in the morning and says “Bye Bye Boobies”… I could go on and on but I will stop here. I know I will miss all of his little words, that he says all wrong once he says them all correctly. The twos are here and although they can be terrible as I’ve seen in the few weeks leading up to this, the twos are also quite amazing! He already has so much personality and I find him absolutely hilarious!

I am lucky to be his mommy and share my life with him! 

What I brought to the daycare today for Lucas’ 2nd birthday: President’s Choice Organic Apple Cinnamon muffins with chocolate chips. L for Lucas and 2 chocolate chips for being 2. He knew they were eyes! I can say I baked him muffins but just not totally from scratch. Thank-you President’s Choice! 

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