UNICEF CANADA – Haiti Relief

My heart is breaking – Vivian Doan Photography has just donated to UNICEF Canada for the Haiti relief fund. Please think about your children – the numbers are staggering at tens of thousands of orphans. They announced that today, for every dollar donated by individual Canadians to UNICEF Canada, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will contribute a dollar to UNICEF’s relief efforts that will benefit children affected by the recent earthquake.

Just do it: https://secure.unicef.ca/portal/SmartDefault.aspx?at=1211&appealID=90&CID=99

UPDATE: the CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) will match your donation to any charity registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency who will provide relief efforts for Haiti. Canadians have been overwhelmingly generous since the tragedy happened so let’s continue that trend! Read article.

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