I met a lovely couple this month who were waiting for their first baby. What an exciting time! I remember it well. So much joy in the planning and the preparations… really optimistic and happy and well slept! I used to look over all the things we had ready for the baby and all the things left to do before he/she arrives! Seeing these two reminded me so much of that blissful time in my life. What a beautiful couple these two are. Their baby will be very lucky! We did our session in a gorgeous park in Lachine, full of poplars and weeping willows and beautiful flowering trees. It was the perfect although slightly windy evening!

Please forgive the prominent watermarks, the client is still in proofing.100101102103104105106107

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Two sisters with two very special events on the same day! I had the pleasure to do a portrait session between a First Communion and a Confirmation a couple of weeks ago. Nothing more pretty than a couple of beautiful girls in perfect little dresses. The godmother was wearing a matching coral dress too! We were blessed with a lovely day for the photos.


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I love the sweet month of May. The flowers return, the green leaves return, and we can take sessions back to the great outdoors. I haven’t had much time to blog in the past couple of weeks but I just finished proofing this session this evening and I told myself I had to blog it to show everyone how lovely spring sessions can be. This family, one that is dear to my heart, had a new little addition to the family this spring: a gorgeous new baby girl! This made one little boy a big brother too. So now they are a beautiful family of four. We did some photos inside and outside in the lane… I simply love the photos!

Forgive the watermarking but these clients are still in proofing. Happy Spring!


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Last night my parents and I went to the big bike shop on Ave du Parc with Lucas to get him a new bicycle. He was in-between modes of transportation. He just doesn’t want to scoot down the street, and he wasn’t terribly confident on the tricycle a neighbour had lent us. He is also a little bit too small for the balance bike we have for him. So my parents offered to get him a bike for his birthday, which is still 6 weeks away, so that he could enjoy every moment of the NO-SNOW situation we have going on right now.

We looked at a few models of 12″ bikes until we found this one. It’s a fluorescent Dyno brand bike and it was love at first sight. Once he got on this one, we couldn’t peel him off it. The guy even tried to tell us that Lucas might be ready for a 14″ bike so that next year we didn’t have to change it, but no – his heart was set on this one. And he even asked for a bell too. So my parents bought him his new bike, which he wants to call “snowstorm”. He rode it back to the car. And then couldn’t wait to ride it today and since it rained this morning, the maiden voyage was in the house, and I took him outside this morning before heading off to a shoot this afternoon.

He’s such a big boy. I love that he’s so grown up and yet I know he will only get older and older and then the baby will be completely gone. Reminds me to really enjoy each and every day as I live it, with my little big boy!

There’s one sad face in the photos, I told him the bell was way too loud for the inside and he wasn’t terribly happy with me. That didn’t last too long though… this bike has made him the happiest kid on the block! And coincidence is that it matches his helmet we got him last year, fluorescent mixed with blue and black. Go figure. The kid knows how to coordinate. I swear it will take a lot of will-power not to spoil this kid. I cannot resist the charms of my little toddler. He’s my ray of sunshine!


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Here is another family I get to see almost every year. This year they had a new baby girl and what a cutie she is. Big brother is very supportive and loving. Mom and Dad looked amazing and refreshed, you cannot tell they are the parents of two young children. I was so happy to see this family again. Such warm people. I enjoyed every minute of my session and was cracking up at the little fella’s jokes. He has such a great smile! We did an indoor / outdoor session, at their beautiful home and then at the very photogenic Pratt Park in Outremont. I just love the light in this park because the trees are so tall and majestic.002001003004005006007008009

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