Lac Brome | Montreal Photographer

I recently purchased the ubiquitous iPhone and I never imagined what it would do for my photography. There are, as we know, millions of apps and a few of them simulate toy cameras. Now normally you would go out and buy a Holga ($60) or a Lomo ($150) or a polaroid and you could get these vintage style images from the cheap lenses and plastic casing. I had a Lomo once upon a time but it never really gave me that kitschy toy camera feel – the images were just kind of dull and poor so I sold it. But now, with my iPhone, I can take instant images without always having to lug around my big camera and I can get some really artistic shots that go beyond the perfectly exposed image. I am in love with my new camera (iPhone!!). I think I use it more as a camera than as a phone. here are a few sample images from last night in Sutton. I drove down the road that snakes along Lac Brome for a while and I caught the sunset, which can be extremely kitschy and cliched as a photograph but at the same time, quite the breathtaking spectacle.

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