Some Family Time

I am not sure how many people out there have the same kind of schedule as a professional working photographer whose target market are families, couples getting married etc. We work on week-ends. That’s the truth. So what happens to family time especially when your spouse and kid(s) are on a regular Monday to Friday 9-5 kind of schedule? If you have the same kind of schedule and have figured this out, please contact me. I would be so happy to learn what others do.

My husband and I have designated Thursday as our Family Day, since I work on Saturdays and Sundays. We started this tradition yesterday. We went to the Jardin Botanique de Montreal to see the beautiful butterflies and we had an amazing time. It was nice to let go of work and deliverables and just concentrate on my family. I don’t know if anyone would believe me if I said that I never gave myself a week-end. When I was a freelancer before I had my child, it was easy for me to work seven days a week. But now that I have become a mother, I see how essential it is to find time for family.

It felt so nice to walk in a warm lush green environment. It made me forget that it is still winter outside and that spring is still weeks away. I will be coming back to the botanical gardens more often this year since we ended up buying an annual membership. It’s an amazing deal at $58 for a family of 4. And even though Lucas is still free, one visit with the butterflies and one visit for the lanterns and it pays for itself. Funny how we never visited the Biodome or the gardens before having a child. He’s actually making us discover our own city and all the wonderful places to visit. I am looking forward to picnics in the rose gardens in the summer.

And then we ended up enjoying an incredible dinner that was a gift from one of my clients. She gave us a groupon for a tasting menu at the Nil Bleu on St-Denis. I love my clients! I brought what I call a “restaurant bag” filled with markers, crayons, sketch pad, toy tractor, big machine book. He lasted for an hour and a half which is a miracle. Then he wanted to run around and climb up and down the steps and then well, our evening was done. But the day was a success. Yay to Family Day. Next week we are going to the Science Centre to catch the last week of the MUSIK exhibit.

And I got my husband to take a photo of me that I actually love! I love it so much I’ve made it my bio photo in the sidebar.

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